Are we going to light up a path for the next generation of accessibility professionals who are people with a disability?

What IF -


Accessibility, Universal Design and related topics were part of the school / college curriculum?


Accessibility learning materials, certification programs, courses were truly ACCESSIBLE? I am suggesting thinking beyond screen reader compatibility and captioning.


We empowered young people with disabilities and facilitated their ability to acquire new skills that prepared them for a11y jobs especially in tech?


Every accessibility leader in every company created and executed an accessibility internship program for PWDs aspiring to contribute to the accessibility profession?


Every disability advocacy, accessibility, DEI firm / group / consultancy that generates revenue from this field focused on ensuring that >50% of their workforce AND at ALL LEVELS IN THE COMPANY (including leadership roles) is comprised of PWDs?


Everyone who ever posts anything about disability inclusion, accessibility, universal design, and related topics, takes a moment to step back and think about how they can go beyond words and take action, to do something that matters, that adds value to someone else. This would make a big difference than the focus on social media metrics that don’t mean anything.



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